RAAF Tindal LIA Refresh

Tender Details

Quotes Due By 15 Apr 2021
Project Name RAAF Tindal LIA Refresh
Address Tindal Airport, Katherine NT 0850
Project Budget $3m - $4m
Lead Estimator Nick Pott & Chon Kim (npott@sthilliers.com.au)
Codes: The Code for the Tendering and Performance of Building Work 2016 applies to the building work associated with this project. By submitting an expression of interest in, or tender for, this project, you will become subject to the Code for the Tendering and Performance of Building Work 2016.

Tender Description

The following scope of work outlines on a high level the requirements as per the Project brief and site inspection. The works are to be conducted to the relevant BCA and Defence standards, and inclusive of all preliminaries and general requirements for Defence Projects, including but not limited to HOTO and associated deliverables.

The Buildings included in this Project are split into the following categories:
• Airman’s Accommodation buildings - A0092, A0094, A0096, A0097, A0098, A0099. These are dual level
multiple occupancy Buildings
• SNCO’s Accommodation Buildings - B0198, B0199 – single level dual occupation with some minor FFE
• SNCO’s Accommodation Buildings - B0213, B0214, B0215 – single level dual occupation with original FFE
• VIP Accommodation Buildings – B0207 & B0208 – multiple occupancy transit accommodation

1. Design and Compliance
Contractor to provide a complete set of design documentation, drawings and specifications which accurate reflection of the individual LIA Layout prior to works commencing on site.
Prior to works commencing, contractor along with all drawings must provide the proposed fixtures and fittings schedule including samples to present to the client for approval.
Contractor is responsible for verification and site inspection prior to commencement of works for each individual LIA layout
Contractor to allow for and engage all relevant designers, certification and approvals as per the project requirements. This is included but not limited to
D Structural Engineer
D 8CA Certification and Occupation Certificate
D Hydraulic Engineer
D Fire Services Engineer
D 8uilding Approvals
D Waterproofing certification
Contractor to arrange for a NCC clause D3.4 exemption.
Contractor to allow for the necessary design approvals from all key stakeholders

2. Preliminaries
Contractor is responsible for verification and site inspection prior to commencement of works for each individual LIA layout.
Full Dilapidation Survey to be completed prior to commencement of works
Contractor to complete HAMAT testing to determine the present of Lead Paint and
Asbestos. IN the event of any HAZMAT Detection, a management plan will be developed,

3. Demolition Works
Decant of all existing furniture and appliances in LIA. This is including but not limited to beds, desk, chairs, tables, washing machines, dryers, bookshelves, couches etc.
Contractor must allow for onsite storage eg shipping container for furniture and appliances
Disposal of furniture and appliances as directed by E&IG & EMOS
Storage of furniture & appliances for recant at conclusion of works as directed by by E&IG
Removal and storage of existing unsecured WAP's, storage for reinstatement
Disconnection of all services. Service Interruptions and disconnections to be managed in consultations with all key stakeholders.
Demolitions of the following Areas
D Living Areas, including joinery, floor coverings, Fixtures and fittings
D Ablutions

4. Structural Modifications
Engagement of suitably qualified Structural Engineer to provide design and appropriate sign off on the proposed scope of works
Demolition of wall adjoining living area and ablution area to reflect modified layout as per
base standard for LIA's
Installation of appropriate structural support & new wall to reflect revised layout
New Penetrations for Building services to both ground floor and level 1 to reflect revised layout

5. Building Works
Engagement of a suitably qualified Architects to provide design for the following scope of works
Engagement of a suitably qualified building Certifier to provide certification of the Design and Construction as required under Defence Standards.
5.1 Floor Coverings
Replace common area and bedrooms with ceramic tile to approved base standard,
Tile and waterproof kitchenette and ablutions with non-slip tiles in line with accepted base standard
5.2 Walls
Installation of new skirting throughout the building
Patch and paint of all walls. Paint to be in line with approved base standard.
Removal of high level wooden architraves around ceilng
5.3 Ceiling
Installation of new plasterboard ceiling and architraves throughout building, including penetrations as required for service access
Paint of all celling. Paint colour to be in line with approved base standard
5.4 Windows
Remediation of all window frames and seals, including patch and paint to base standard
Installation of flyscreens on all windows
5.5 Doors
Replacement of doors, locks and hardware, including door stoppers.
Installation of door closers on main entrance doors
Replacement of all security doors on LIA entrance, including hardware and locks
Patch and paint of all doors and frames to match base standards
5.6 Kitchenette
Installation of new joinery
Fixtures and fittings to match existing base standard, to be confirmed by EMOS.
5.7 Ablutions
Installation of new joinery
All fixtures and fittings like for like including but not limited to
D Towel Racks
D Soap Dispensers
D Paper Towel Dispensers
D Toilet roll Holders
D Accessible bars or guide rails
D Laundry tub and machine cocks
D Basins, taps and plumbing fixtures
Fixtures and fittings to match existing base standard, to be confirmed by EMOS.
5.8 Fixtures and Fittings
Installation of Slider blinds, pelmets and all associated fittings to all windows, to match existing base standard
Installation of new joinery in bedrooms including shelves, wardrobes and cupboards
5.9 Appliances
New Washers and dryers to be installed in Ablution area

6. Electrical
Disconnection, demolition and disposal of all electrical items within LIA units including but
not limited to ceiling Fans, GPO's, isolating Switches, lights and lighting fixtures.
Disconnection, removal and storage of All emergency and Exit lights existing in LIA units
Conduct assessment of capacity of submains from main EDB with reference to MIEE and
Australian Standards
Conduct Assessment of the size, location and capacity of main switchboard with reference to MIEE and Australian Standards
Make safe and upgrade of existing Electrical Distribution Boards:
D Replace MCB with RCBO
D Install addition circuits as required
D Replace existing EDB chassis as required
D Installation to be compliant with MIEE and Australian Standards
Installation of new LED Lighting, including all associated wiring to Defence Standards
Install new sockets and isolating switches to suit new layout
Installation of ceiling fans to suit revised layout
Installation of new GPO's to suit revised layout, including USB charging as per base
Installation of new telephone and data points to suit revised layout. Number of ports to reflecting existing, not additional points to be installed
7. Mechanical
Investigation of Existing Split System Air Conditioning
D Removal, Storage and reinstatement of Units deemed fit for purpose
D Removal and Disposal of Units deemed EOL
Relocation of A/C units to ceiling Hight in rooms with double bunks
Replacement of End of Life Split System Airconditioning with units suitable for environmental conditions
Installation of Wall Mounted controllers and temperature sensors to suit revised layout
Installation of appropriation mechanical exhaust ventilation in Ablution areas based on revised layout.

8. Hydraulic
Disconnection of Solar HWU to allow remediation works to occur.
Installation of new solar hot water units to service new building layout
All hydraulic fixtures and fittings to be in line with base requirement and standards
Investigation of existing water and sewer reticulation in buildings, with reference to
Australian and Defence standards
Refit of Ablutions
D Shower Heads
D Tap ware
D Sanitary fixtures
D Sanitary basin
D Under bench plumbing
D Drainage and Tundish
D All associated connections and isolation valves for laundry and solar hot water
Refit of Kitchenette in LIA Units
D Kitchen Sink
D Installation and connection of under bench plumbing
D Reconnection of existing zip filter
D Tap ware
D Kitchen sink mixers
D Sufficient drainage

9. Fire
Updated Emergency Evacuation Block Plan to reflect changes and modifications as per scope of works
Review of current Fire Protection by Fire Engineer including but not limited to - Occupant Warning System Speaker Locations, Emergency & Exit Lights, Smoke and Thermal detectors.

Review of existing FIP for possible reuse and removal for safe keeping
Based Fire compliance review, replacement of required assets and all interconnecting wiring. Installation inclusive, but not limited to
D Smoke Detectors
D Heat Detectors
D Emergency and Exit lights
D Occupant warning
Install new FIP to suit new building layout
All fire installation to be compliant with the MFPE

10. Make Good
Existing Fixtures and Fittings as directed are to be replaced at the conclusion of the works
Replacement of all existing appliances, fixtures and fittings removed to allow works to occur, including reconnection of appliances
Complete deep clean of works at conclusion and throughout

11. Certification & Consultancies
All relevant certification under BCA and Defence requirements
All HOTO Requirements as per HOTO Checklist

12. Exclusions
Installation of DPN data points, cabling or DPN computer terminals
Hazmat or Asbestos remediation. In the event of Hazmat detection, a management plan and appropriate remediation method will be developed.
External Painting works
Vertical Transport
Upgrades or modifications to existing base services
Installation or remediation of security alarms or proximity access card readers
ICT works or installation of DRN

Trades Involved

  • Aluminium & Glazed Balustrading
  • Aluminium Windows & Doors
  • Appliances
  • Carpet & Vinyl
  • Ceilings & Partitions
  • Curtains/Blinds
  • Doors
  • Hardware Supply
  • Joinery
  • Metalwork
  • Painting & Intumescent Finishes
  • Roofing
  • Sanitary Hardware
  • Tactile Indicators & Stair Nosin...
  • Termite Treatment & Pest Control
  • Tiling / Stone / Granite / Terra...
  • Toilet Partitions
  • Electrical Services
  • Fire Services
  • Hydraulic Services
  • Mechanical Services
  • Block & Bricklayers & Hebel
  • Carpentry
  • Concrete Place
  • Concrete Pumping
  • Concrete Supply
  • Demolition Contractor
  • Formwork
  • Reinforcement Fix
  • Reinforcement Supply
  • Structural Steel