Reflections Cove Maroochydore 94 Units (Emporio Building 6)

Tender Details

Quotes Due By 17 Nov 2021
Project Name Reflections Cove Maroochydore 94 Units (Emporio Building 6)
Address Emporio Place, Maroochydore QLD 4558
Project Budget $30m - $50m
Lead Estimator Mathew Gilks (

Tender Description

RCQ welcomes your price on the 94 Units over 8 Stories with 3 levels of carparks, pool area and Retail spaces as attached.

Construction consists of Earthworks, screw piers, slab on ground and heavy weight construction including a post tension roof, Structural steel roof over carpark with light weight fitout and finishes to a reasonable standard as per documents.

Please also note the following:-
Please check access to site. It is anticipated with carparks will be built last with access through the double height loading bay to the crane and hoist.
Documents are progressing and will be completed over the coming weeks so please wait for these to answer most questions.
It is anticipated we will commence towards the end of November 2021 with site clearing and earthworks and possibly screw piles around Christmas with a solid start in the new year.
Please provide rates where lacking details.
We welcome any cost savings clearly noted.
Surveying allow to set out every external point of each level including wet areas, piles x 2 visits, footings columns etc.
Crane 55m jib / Hoist large / Preston option or similar.
Scaffold full containment mesh, lifts, stairs, option for edge protection, loading bays both sides, stretchers both sides and access stairs as required all to meet safety. 45 weeks
Services stormwater, sewer, water are at the boundary. Electrical and comms is the next building over. Details coming.
Earthworks allow a strip off including any trees and a 300 CBR layer under all slabs. see engineering for slab thickness
Screw piles loads are nominated including shear loads. some tension loads need to be confirmed if any with Earthquake modelling.
Concrete supply 25, 32,40, 50Mpa, block fill, ritek mix 32/40, PT mix 25 in 3 or 5 days. circa 8000m3
Formwork Quick stairs, option for handrils, allow hobs to the roof perimeter, opening in each party wall for access through, seperate roof, option for timber textured soffit to top level balconies.
Reo circa 720T mesh 5700m2
Post tension roof, option for carparks.
Screens allow for screens to aircon 1.5m x .5m both sides.
Mesh inclosures full height 2.4m with gate.
Glazing is full height doors to units and windows, wind loads in structural, allow tinted glass, Option for clear screens to windows in Bedrooms.
Finishes to 2 colour schemes
Robes bank of shelves and main shelf with hanging rail,
Mirrors frameless / Showerscreens semiframed
Joinery full height to kitchen to images including VJ to fronts, Laundry with overheads, Vanities and mirrored cabinets, linen, study benches
Stone benches 20mm to all Smart stone
Plumbing Tundishes to all aircons, Downpipes
Roofing to carpark, lift shafts flashings, gutter to concrete roof around lower side.
Roof safety systems for top concrete roof, lower roofs and access hatches to all areas.
Gyprocking allow battens, framing to meet all standard ratings and acoustic report. Square set throughout including glazing and front door, ceilings, FC to wet areas, option to sound lagging all pipes 25m each unit. Access and ceiling panels to each shaft and ceiling in wet areas.
Render allow to ritek walls including corridors
Painting through out to Dulux specs or equal, soffits stipple,
Tiling full height to wet areas, skirting to laundry, splashbacks kitchen and laundry, balcony and corridor floor including foyer, allow to tile around lift walls each level.
Carpet to bedrooms and robes, Pedimat and frame to lift entries
Timber look Hydbrid flooring to living, dinning and kitchen, hall, pantry typical.
Electrical lighting and power throughout, fans to bedrooms and living, installing white goods, Audio intercom, phone, data and tV points, aircon power, 3 phase hotwaters, signage to building, smokies to inside units. All as per electrical plans to come. A budget is welcome before then
Aircon to living and bed 1 on balcony condensors, wet areas exhaust including kitchens, carpark mech each level, bin store aircon, lifts, plant rooms, Corridor mech vent with option for aircon. Option for tenancies aircon and mech vent to go up near bin store. All as per mech plans to come. A budget price is welcome before then
Fire Sprinklers to carparks, units and Balconies, corridors, smoke detectors as required. all to Fire plans coming. A budget price is welcome before then.
Lifts x 2 sized to suit number of people. Builders lift maintenance and lift costs, protection costs each.
PC items to specs
White goods 600 package oven, hotplates, ranghood (vented by others), dishwasher integrated and dryer
Landscaping All landscape as shown, green wall trellis and sky pots, paving options seperate
Inground pool, scum tiles, pebble finish, saltwater chlorinator, 2 x lights.

Trades Involved

  • 03-002 Surveyor
  • 03-003 Sheds
  • 03-007 Fencing - Temporary
  • 03-017 Traffic Management
  • 04-001 Scaffold
  • 05-001 Crane & Hoist
  • 06-001 Building Cleaners
  • 08-001 Civil Works
  • 08-001 Earthworks
  • 09-002 Piling
  • 11-001 Concrete Supply
  • 11-002 Concrete Place & Finish
  • 11-003 Concrete Pump
  • 11-005 Termite Protection
  • 13-001 Formwork
  • 13-004 Formwork - Prefabricated...
  • 14-001 Reinforcement Supply
  • 14-002 Reinforcement Fix
  • 14-003 Reinforcement - Post Tens...
  • 15-001-Block Supply
  • 15-003-Blocklayer
  • 15-004 Bricklayer
  • 16-001 Structural Steel
  • 18-000 Metalwork
  • 18-002 Mailboxes
  • 18-006 Aluminium Louvres / Scree...
  • 19-001 Balustrades & Handrails
  • 21-001 Aluminium Windows & Doors
  • 22-000 Mirrors, Shower Screens &...
  • 23-001 Carpenter
  • 23-006 Timber Supply
  • 23-007 Door & Frame Supply
  • 23-008 Door - Hardware
  • 24-001 Joinery
  • 24-002 Stone Bench Tops
  • 25-001 Plumber
  • 26-001 Roof - Metal
  • 26-005 Roof Safety Systems
  • 27-001 Gyprocker
  • 27-004 Ceilings and Partitions
  • 27-005 Insulation
  • 28-001 Render
  • 30-001 Painter
  • 31-001 Tile Supply
  • 31-002 Tiler
  • 31-005 Tactile Indicators
  • 32-001 Joint Sealing
  • 32-001 Waterproofing
  • 32-002 Caulking
  • 33-001 Carpet & Vinyl
  • 33-005 Flooring - Epoxy
  • 34-001 Electrical Services
  • 34-005 Communications
  • 35-002 Mechanical / Air Conditio...
  • 36-000 Fire Services
  • 37-001 Lift Services
  • 38-001 Chutes
  • 40-001 Plumbing PC Items
  • 41-001 Whitegoods
  • 43-002 Linemarking
  • 43-006 Bike Racks
  • 44-001 Landscaping
  • 44-003 Fencing
  • 45-001 Swimming Pool
  • 47-001 Signage